Dazzling Services

Dazzling Services s.a.r.l. is a reliable hostess agency established in May 2012 by Mrs. Sylvana Mouawad. The latter started her career in 1999 by founding a smaller scale establishment called Sylvana Mouawad Agency and has acquired significant field experience and know-how ever since. Dazzling Services s.a.r.l. is proud to have served many well known multinational companies in addition to a large number of reputable clients from the local market.
Unfailingly offering excellent service, ethical and reliable performance.
Hosts and hostesses of Dazzling Services s.a.r.l. are presentable, dynamic, multilingual, passioned, well-trained and qualified to guarantee high quality performance at all events and promotions.
We provide tailor-made services to events through creative and skillful execution of clients’ programs. We maintain an unwavering commitment to ethical, fair and honest business cooperation with customers and partners.

Company Warrants

– Knowledge of involved bureaucracy

– Logistical support

– Local warehouses for the client

– High Quality Service

– Competitive Rates

– Data Collection within 48hours

– Picture reporting conditioned by outlets’ approvals

– Organized staff briefing training

– Direct Staff Management:

– Contractual Management according to the law

– Constant Monitoring through local supervisors