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We supply families in need with food donations, all while ensuring that their identities remain undisclosed – as a matter of principle – in order to uphold their right for privacy and to preserve their dignity.

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We provide community assistance on different scales (social, educational, entrepreneurial etc.) to underprivileged families across Lebanon.

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We disseminate medical aid, by supporting local medical staffs, providing medication,  and implementing medical initiatives, throughout the Covid-19 crisis.



Any Contribution Goes a Long Way


By donating, you will be helping many families living in difficult circumstances, have access to better living conditions.


By donating, you will be helping families in need get access to food and groceries.


By donating, you will be helping in covering hospital and pharmacy bills for many families, with no access to proper healthcare.

Make a Wish Come True

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Our Aim

Our aim is to promote solidarity and the sense of community in the country, as well as consolidating social cohesion, in order to achieve the Lebanon we all dream of, the “Lebanon Of Tomorrow”. 

Lebanon Of Tomorrow’s main objective is to provide vulnerable and marginalized categories of the Lebanese population, particularly impacted by the economic and financial crises, with the necessary assistance to meet their basic needs. 

The Lebanon Of Tomorrow Farming Hope Initiative

The Lebanon Of Tomorrow Maamoul Initiative